Evansville Zoo

By Kimberly White | Evansville

Jan 12

Evansville is a great little city in Indiana and there are many things that there are to do. One of the best places to go to is the Evansville Zoo. Here is what is at the Zoo.

First off, they have many exhibits that you can visit and they are awesome. Not only are there a good variety of them, but it doesn’t cost a lot either. It is in a decent price range so that anyone can go to it. There is this one Place that is this small tropical artificial bio dome that has many animals and plants, too, that can only live in the Amazonian region. There are so many exhibits in the Zoo I can’t type all about them.

Not only does they have a great zoo, and a lot of exhibits, but it is also a Botanical garden. There are many amazing plant varieties that they have and there are many beautiful flowers. Plus, there are nice arrangements that vary in styles and regions from all over the world. They go all the way from Asian style to modern style. I never thought I’d see so many plants and so beautifully done at the zoo.

Let’s look at how my day went. Not only do they have great things but the service is super, too. The staff at the zoo always have an answer to your questions even it they are complicated of asking about the animals, history or what not, as well as where the restrooms and restaurants are. To add to that note they are always kind and helpful so you don’t have to struggle with help. The staff are always nice which is a pleasure.

Evansville has a lot of pretty amazing things but the Zoo is definitely my personal favorite, being a big animal lvoer. There are great prices, a variety of things to do and staff there are amazing. I hope you liked my quick look on the Evansville Zoo. Check out this video about them.

You can see from their past video here, they setup new things each and every year to keep it fresh. The orchid work in the botanical gardens here is just outstanding. They even take note of how they will look in pictures, color, lighting and all.

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